Dielectric Materials And Electrostatics

Dielectric Materials And Electrostatics

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An introduction to the physics of electrical insulation, this book presents the physical foundations of this discipline and the resulting applications

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Contents 1

Finally, the main electrical properties of liquids and solids are presented, in order to explain the phenomena of electrical degradation, dissipation and breakdown

It comprises a phenomenological description of discharges in gas and its resulting applications

It is structured in two parts

List of Figures Appendix 2

List of Symbols Appendix 3

List of Useful Values Appendix 4

Mathematical Examination of Dielectrics 2

Physical Examination of Dielectrics Appendix 1

Reminder about Dielectric Spectroscopy Appendix 5

Reminder about Transitory Currents

The first part presents a mathematical and intuitive approach to dielectrics various concepts, including polarization, induction, forces and losses are discussed

The second part provides readers with the keys to understanding the physics of solid, liquid and gas insulation